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        Move Me is not just a movement, it's a feeling. We live in a modern world with technology that has made life better in ways we could never dream of. These advances come at a cost though. With so many ways to fill our time, being present has become impossible. When we fill our lives with distractions we feel like we're in this world, and not of it. I believe life is best lived in moderation. Finding balance between connecting with the planet and enjoying modern technological advances is the goal. 

        What made me discover this feeling?

        I was a freshmen in college. I took my first road trip to Big Bend National Park. My very first National Park. Quickly I realized there was no night life, and there was little to no signal. I remember going on a 13 mile hike. Between three people we had one gallon of water, one sandwich each, and a bag of peanuts. Halfway through the trip the sandwiches and peanuts were gone and the water was just about done. At that moment I wanted to scream and complain, but I had no one to pass the burden on. I had to accept responsibility. Then my mind was solely focussed on what was in front of me, and who I was with. I was distracted and felt a mental clarity I didn't know I could feel. I was truly present. In this moment, conversations meant more, strangers felt like best friends, every unique tree stood out more. In this dry desert, somehow things felt truly alive! 

        Ever since that trip I have been craving that feeling. I want to help people find balance in their life and reconnect with this planet. To truly realize that we are of this world, not just in it. When you realize that life becomes clear. You begin to put more intent behind everything. You care for this planet more, for people more. 

        That is what the Move Me Movement is all about.