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    The Minimalist Belt, for the Outdoor Enthusiast.



    Belt's haven't changed in ages, and rarely do they ever have a dual purpose. People are active, and actives like rock climbing, backpacking, fishing, and many more are all very taxing on the body. Our bodies need to recover after these actives and people usually hate carrying around extra equipment. 




    The Move Me Belt is designed to be fashion and function. When you're not wearing it, stretch with it! The belt functions just like a yoga strap. This allows you to stretch out your body in it's full range of motion. The minimalist design allows for easy use and especially comfort. 



    Wearing the belt will take a couple attempts to get the hang of. Its okay though, we believe you are competent enough to figure it out. To wear the belt, simply slip the open end into the loop. Put the belt around your waist. Then put the belt through the front of the buckle and pull it tight!
    Now wherever you go, you can take your recovery with you! The belt is in it's final stage of development and will be ready for the market soon enough. Sign up for our email list and find out when you can get your hands on this revolutionary belt!
    Your mountain is out there, go out and climb it!